Skylar’s Very Bad Horrible No Good Day (or Night).

Last night the whole family went to Plaza Cycle Motocross Park at Rocky Mountain Raceways to watch Skylar race in the motocross. Jodi was there with her three boys. Chris and Susan came with Hattie and Gus. Grandpa Jack and Grandma Laura came, too. And of course Jared and Mindy were there with little Dutch.

This was the third race of the season, and Skylar was leading  in the point standings and was looking forward to defending that title. If he did well it would put him in great shape to contend for the overall championship in the 85cc beginner class. He was stoked and ready to compete.

Then it happened. While in the staging area getting ready, minutes away from the start of his race, his throttle cable broke. It was irrepairable with no spare parts available. He was out of the race before it began.

Needless to say, we were all horribly disappointed, but no one more than Skylar. He took it very, very hard. He was inconsolable, even though everyone tried to make him feel better. His mother pointed out that he still had about 15 more races through out the whole summer and a lot could happen. Laura overheard Jake saying that Skylar would never race again. She didn’t know if he had overheard Skylar say that or if he was just offering his own 4-year-old’s perspective.

Every cowboy gets bucked off once in a while. Only the real cowboys pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and get back on the horse. Or motorcycle, or whatever.

So what’s going to happen? Will Skylar’s dad get the throttle cable fixed in time for him to ride in the next race, just 15 days away? Will Skylar be able to pull himself together and ride with the skill and determination that had served him so well in his previous races? Will he be able to play the catch up game, and come from behind? Only time will tell. Stay tuned.

skylar_moto 172 copy

My own perspective is that it’s a long summer, and if Skylar can go through the next 15 races or however many he has left, and the worst thing that happens is a broken throttle cable, he’ll be in really great shape. Also, if he can go through life and the worst that happens to him is that he loses a motocross race, he’ll have led a charmed life indeed.


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