Get together

Last night we attended a family get together/barbecue at Brad and Jodi’s house. All the kids were there except for Noelle and her family.

grandkids 094

Cindy was there with her little boy Kai.

grandkids 002

Little Gus was in attendance, just being his mellow little self.

grandkids 007

Here’s little Gus with Uncle Jared.

grandkids 003

Here are first cousins Dutch and Kai. Kai is older than Dutch by three weeks. Neither of them were particularly thrilled to be “imprisoned” in the play pen.

grandkids 014

Here are Mama Susan and Hattie Mae jumping on the trampoline.

grandkids 017

Here’s Izac, who has developed a lot of confidence since he took a gymnastics class this spring.

grandkids 025

Here he climbs to the top bar of the swing set…

grandkids 026

…and throws a leg over to hang by his knees.

grandkids 036

Here are three monkey brothers: Jacob, Izac and Anson.

grandkids 040

As I said, Izac has developed a lot of confidence since taking that class.

grandkids 035

Here are Jared and his two boys Skylar and Dutch mounting up for a ride on Uncle Brad’s motorcycle.

grandkids 037

And away they go!

grandkids 042

I think Dutch is an aspiring motocross racer like his big brother Skylar. Well, he’ll have to wait three more years before he can race. The youngest riders at the RMR Plaza Cycle Motocross Park are four years old.

grandkids 043

Here are Jodi and Brad.

grandkids 044

Anson is about 11 months old and not quite walking yet.

grandkids 071

He likes his Aunt Cindy.

grandkids 074

And sometimes you don’t have to coax him very much to mug for the camera.

grandkids 056

I could only coax a bare hint of a smile out of Kai, though.

grandkids 077

Here are Mama Mindy and Dutch.

grandkids 081

Here they render their version of “Popcorn Poppin’ On the Apricot Tree.”

grandkids 085

I was just a little worried he might poke himself with that sucker stick, but no problem.

grandkids 096

Here’s Kai with Cousin Dutch and Uncle Jared.

grandkids 099

And here’s Hattie, bouncing on the tramp and mugging for the camera.


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