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Logan Emerson, 2000-2009

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06_23_Emerson_Logan1_jpg_20090623     06_23_Emerson_Logan2_jpg_20090623

Logan R. Emerson 8/3/2000 ~ 6/20/2009 Logan (logdog) Emerson passed away June 20, 2009 doing what he loved most, racing motorcycles.He lived a lot of life and adventure in his short eight years. Logan was born in Sandy UT to Rocky and BeLinda Emerson August 3, 2000. Logan is survived by his parents Rocky and BeLinda his sister and closest buddy Tosha, and his big brother Jeremey O’Driscoll. Logan was a beautiful boy with a big heart and a great spirit for life. He touched the lives of all he knew. He will be greatly missed. Services will be held Thurs., June 25, 2009, 6 p.m. at Larkin Sunset Gardens 1950 E. 10600 S., Sandy. We love you son and miss you so much, let God’s clouds be your bike and the universe be your track.

The above obituary appeared in the Deseret Morning News on 23 June 2009.

race 7 001 w

This is the start of the first moto of the 85cc Beginners Class race. Logan is number 81, Skylar is number 15. Logan was a seasoned veteran of motocross racing on smaller bikes, and when he stepped up to the larger 85cc Beginners division to race against older boys he won his very first race.

race 7 043 w

Skylar got the hole shot and jumped out in front, but Logan was right behind him.

race 7 081 w

Two laps later, and he was still right there.  Skylar won Moto 1, but Logan was clearly the rider to beat if he wanted to win Moto 2.

race 7 178 w

By the time they started Moto 2, Logan had competed in two other divisions and taken two first place trophies for the night. If he placed first in Moto 2 of the 85cc Beginners class he’d win a third first place trophy. In Moto 2 Logan got the hole shot and jumped out in front. Skylar was right behind him.

race 7 179 w

Skylar tried to catch him, but Logan was just too fast.

race 7 180 w

It wasn’t long before Logan disappeared from view.  When he went down, I don’t think Skylar even saw it happen. He thought Logan was so far ahead of him he’d never catch him.

Here’s something that Logan wrote when he was 7. “I received my first motorcycle when I was 4. I love to race and win, my favorite saying is ‘pin it to win it.’ I jumped my first double when I was 6, it was awesome. Now I try to clear all the doubles. I can’t wait to jump a triple.”

Logan Emerson hadn’t yet reached his 9th birthday. Rest in peace, #81.

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Pictures from Friday night motocross.

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race 7 043 a

Out in front.

race 7 063 a

race 7 072 a

race 7 087 a

race 7 113 a

race 7 118 a

Sky takes checkered flag for 1st place in moto 1. He was in the lead from start to finish for the first time.

race 7 120 a

Family and friends celebrate.

race 7 223 a

race 7 255 b

race 7 257 a

race 7 263 a

race 7 344 a

One lap to go in moto 2!

race 7 349 a

Catching air in the stadium jump on the last lap with a big lead.

race 7 352 a

Now all he had to do was stay on his bike and keep moving. All the riders in the background were behind him, not ahead of him.

race 7 396 a

Sky took 1st place in the 2nd moto for an overall finish in first place for the night. This win keeps Skylar in the lead for the series championship in the 85cc Beginners Class.

pcmp_track copy

This is a diagram of the track at Plaza Cycle Motocross Park, part of the Rocky Mountain Raceways complex in West Valley City, Utah. The course is laid out on a hillside with the shaded portion being the steeper part of the course. In general, when riders are moving toward the top of the diagram they’re going uphill, and they’re going downhill when moving toward the bottom. The couse is relatively level from side to side. It’s a little more than a mile in length and has numerous turns and jumps. Most races consist of four laps. The PeeWees run an abbreviated course on the bottom half of the track.

Skylar’s Big Night Ends on a Sad Note

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Last night at the Plaza Cycle Motocross park in West Valley Skylar had a good performance. He got the hole shot at the start of the race, jumped out in front and then stayed there to finish first. An 8 year old riding phenom named Logan Emerson was close behind him in second place. A couple of hours later when they ran the second heat, Logan got the hole shot and jumped out in front and Skylar persued him for two laps, but was falling behind. On a tabletop jump Logan got too much air and landed flat, lost control and collided violently with a deflection wall near the finish line with two laps to go. Emergency personel moved quickly to aid him while the race continued. Skylar went on to place first again for an overall first place finish on the night.

Logan’s injuries were serious and he was flown to Primary Children’s Hospital where he passed away early this morning. He had been racing since he was 4 years old, and was a very skilled rider. This year he won all seven of the races in the 6-8 year old 65cc and four of the six open division races. This was his third series in 85cc beginner’s division and he had won his first race in that division and appeared to be dominating this race when he crashed.

We wish to express our deepest sympathy to the Emerson family.

Sky’s Trophy

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sky_win 1

This is the awesome trophy Skylar was awarded after winning both races at the USRA event in Ogden yesterday. I borrowed the photo from Mindy’s Facebook page.

All Alone…On Top.

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sky finish copy 2

I think Skylar was mildly disappointed by his fourth place finish in last night’s competition at Plaza Cycle Motocross Park in West Valley. But when the points were added up and posted on the RMR website, Skylar’s point totals after six races left him in sole possession of first place in the point standings, so he can’t be too disappointed.

To show he deserved his first place standing, he backed it up by going to the USRA event in Ogden today and finished first in his class in both races he participated in. Not too shabby for a first year racer.

Rest in peace, Linda Lou Petersen.

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headstone 001

As many of y0u know, my sister Linda passed away last week. We held her funeral on Monday. Yesterday Laura and I and Lance went to Memorial Monument in Springville and picked out a headstone for her grave. It will bear the engraving pictured above. The stone itself is kind of a pink granite. It will look nice.

I suppose a gambling man might say she was dealt a lousy hand and refused to fold. She played her cards brilliantly until the very end. She was a heroic woman who brought out the best in all those who allowed her to influence them. She was the glue that held our family together through very hard and trying times.

21,938: this is the number of the days of her life. She always liked numbers.

Rest in peace, Linda Lou Petersen. We’ll miss you very much.