Rest in peace, Linda Lou Petersen.

headstone 001

As many of y0u know, my sister Linda passed away last week. We held her funeral on Monday. Yesterday Laura and I and Lance went to Memorial Monument in Springville and picked out a headstone for her grave. It will bear the engraving pictured above. The stone itself is kind of a pink granite. It will look nice.

I suppose a gambling man might say she was dealt a lousy hand and refused to fold. She played her cards brilliantly until the very end. She was a heroic woman who brought out the best in all those who allowed her to influence them. She was the glue that held our family together through very hard and trying times.

21,938: this is the number of the days of her life. She always liked numbers.

Rest in peace, Linda Lou Petersen. We’ll miss you very much.


2 Responses to “Rest in peace, Linda Lou Petersen.”

  1. Christian Says:

    Great post Dad!

  2. I agree very beautiful stone!!!

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