Logan Emerson, 2000-2009

06_23_Emerson_Logan1_jpg_20090623     06_23_Emerson_Logan2_jpg_20090623

Logan R. Emerson 8/3/2000 ~ 6/20/2009 Logan (logdog) Emerson passed away June 20, 2009 doing what he loved most, racing motorcycles.He lived a lot of life and adventure in his short eight years. Logan was born in Sandy UT to Rocky and BeLinda Emerson August 3, 2000. Logan is survived by his parents Rocky and BeLinda his sister and closest buddy Tosha, and his big brother Jeremey O’Driscoll. Logan was a beautiful boy with a big heart and a great spirit for life. He touched the lives of all he knew. He will be greatly missed. Services will be held Thurs., June 25, 2009, 6 p.m. at Larkin Sunset Gardens 1950 E. 10600 S., Sandy. We love you son and miss you so much, let God’s clouds be your bike and the universe be your track.

The above obituary appeared in the Deseret Morning News on 23 June 2009.

race 7 001 w

This is the start of the first moto of the 85cc Beginners Class race. Logan is number 81, Skylar is number 15. Logan was a seasoned veteran of motocross racing on smaller bikes, and when he stepped up to the larger 85cc Beginners division to race against older boys he won his very first race.

race 7 043 w

Skylar got the hole shot and jumped out in front, but Logan was right behind him.

race 7 081 w

Two laps later, and he was still right there.  Skylar won Moto 1, but Logan was clearly the rider to beat if he wanted to win Moto 2.

race 7 178 w

By the time they started Moto 2, Logan had competed in two other divisions and taken two first place trophies for the night. If he placed first in Moto 2 of the 85cc Beginners class he’d win a third first place trophy. In Moto 2 Logan got the hole shot and jumped out in front. Skylar was right behind him.

race 7 179 w

Skylar tried to catch him, but Logan was just too fast.

race 7 180 w

It wasn’t long before Logan disappeared from view.  When he went down, I don’t think Skylar even saw it happen. He thought Logan was so far ahead of him he’d never catch him.

Here’s something that Logan wrote when he was 7. “I received my first motorcycle when I was 4. I love to race and win, my favorite saying is ‘pin it to win it.’ I jumped my first double when I was 6, it was awesome. Now I try to clear all the doubles. I can’t wait to jump a triple.”

Logan Emerson hadn’t yet reached his 9th birthday. Rest in peace, #81.

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One Response to “Logan Emerson, 2000-2009”

  1. BeLinda Emerson Says:

    It has been a little over a year since Logan left us, it has been the hardest year of our lives. We miss Logan every minute of every day.

    This is the first time I have seen your blog and it is wonderful and sad at the same time. I remember that race so well, Skylar was so happy after moto 1. Logan his dad and I walked back to the trailer and saw Skylar and his family celebrating. Logan said I am glad that he is so happy but he will not beat me in moto 2. Logan was riding with a vengeance that moto he did not want Skylar to beat him again, it was a great race until the end.

    I would like to thank you and Skylar for this tribute to Logan and I hope that Skylar is racing and winning.

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