Pictures from Friday night motocross.

race 7 043 a

Out in front.

race 7 063 a

race 7 072 a

race 7 087 a

race 7 113 a

race 7 118 a

Sky takes checkered flag for 1st place in moto 1. He was in the lead from start to finish for the first time.

race 7 120 a

Family and friends celebrate.

race 7 223 a

race 7 255 b

race 7 257 a

race 7 263 a

race 7 344 a

One lap to go in moto 2!

race 7 349 a

Catching air in the stadium jump on the last lap with a big lead.

race 7 352 a

Now all he had to do was stay on his bike and keep moving. All the riders in the background were behind him, not ahead of him.

race 7 396 a

Sky took 1st place in the 2nd moto for an overall finish in first place for the night. This win keeps Skylar in the lead for the series championship in the 85cc Beginners Class.

pcmp_track copy

This is a diagram of the track at Plaza Cycle Motocross Park, part of the Rocky Mountain Raceways complex in West Valley City, Utah. The course is laid out on a hillside with the shaded portion being the steeper part of the course. In general, when riders are moving toward the top of the diagram they’re going uphill, and they’re going downhill when moving toward the bottom. The couse is relatively level from side to side. It’s a little more than a mile in length and has numerous turns and jumps. Most races consist of four laps. The PeeWees run an abbreviated course on the bottom half of the track.


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