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Is a Path to Euthanasia For the Elderly Provided in New Healthcare Bill?

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According to RedState blog, seniors will be required to consult with a medical professional every few years in order to discuss options for “death with dignity.” In other words, euthanizing our elderly citizens will become routine.

“…we should be very troubled by Section 1233 of H.R. 3200. The section, titled “Advanced Care Planning Consultation” requires senior citizens to meet at least every 5 years with a doctor or nurse practitioner to discuss dying with dignity.

Legally forcing senior citizens to have “death with dignity schedules every few yearsis just another way to say the government wants to make sure seniors know it is time to commit suicide to save the system money. 

The section requires that they talk to their doctor, not a lawyer, about living wills, durable healthcare powers of attorney, hospice, etc. Given the progressive intelligentsia already being on the record in favor of euthanizing the elderly, it is no small leap to see where the Democrats are headed with this.”


More MX Pictures

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sky_moto_8 1a

Here’s Skylar geared up, mounted up and ready to move to the gate. Game face on, ready to ride.

sky_moto_8 2a

Skylar wears this sticker on his helmet in honor of Logan Emerson, an awesome young rider who was fatally injured in a race that Skylar won.

sky_moto_8 3b

Here’s the new flagpole that was place at the track in Logan’s honor.

sky_moto_8 4a

It bears Logan’s number at the top.

sky_moto_8 5 a

The start of Moto 1, and Skylar jumped out in front and got a good lead.

sky_moto_8 027

sky_moto_8 064

sky_moto_8 086

Here he comes up behind a lapped rider with a lap and a half to go.

sky_moto_8 098

And here he is passing her.

sky_moto_8 109 copy

Skylar slowed down at the finish and Tailor Sainsbury almost beat him as he was crossing the line.

sky_moto_8 209

In Moto 2 Skylar jumped out to a good lead again. In the background is Conor Swider, the eventual winner of the night overall.

sky_moto_8 254

sky_moto_8 267

sky_moto_8 301 copy

Sky had a big lead but crashed on the 2nd lap doing a double jump. Several riders passed him while he remounted. He was uninjured, although he bit his tongue.

sky_moto_8 354

sky_moto_8 355

Here he is passing another competitor.

sky_moto_8 370

Skylar finished in fourth place overall for the night. Congratulations for some awesome riding.

Happy Birthday, Jared

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Today is Jared’s 35th birthday. Here he is with his son Dutch.

hattie bday3 111 copy 4

Fireworks Pix

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We went to Brad & Jodi’s and watched the fireworks in their back yard. Here are a few of the best shots I got.

4th fireworks 09 020 copy

4th fireworks 09 080 copy

4th fireworks 09 084

4th fireworks 09 086 copy

4th fireworks 09 092 copy

4th fireworks 09 098 copy

4th fireworks 09 101 copy

4th fireworks 09 108 copy

4th fireworks 09 114 copy

4th fireworks 09 120 copy

4th fireworks 09 145 copy

4th fireworks 09 184 copy

4th fireworks 09 199 copy

4th fireworks 09 204 copy

4th fireworks 09 220 copy

Independence Day

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Flying the flag here at 648. Happy Independence Day, everyone. God bless our country. May heaven protect us from the crooks and thieves in Washington!

sp_fk_flag 013 copy


Here’s the flag that flies over Spanish Fork every day.