More MX Pictures

sky_moto_8 1a

Here’s Skylar geared up, mounted up and ready to move to the gate. Game face on, ready to ride.

sky_moto_8 2a

Skylar wears this sticker on his helmet in honor of Logan Emerson, an awesome young rider who was fatally injured in a race that Skylar won.

sky_moto_8 3b

Here’s the new flagpole that was place at the track in Logan’s honor.

sky_moto_8 4a

It bears Logan’s number at the top.

sky_moto_8 5 a

The start of Moto 1, and Skylar jumped out in front and got a good lead.

sky_moto_8 027

sky_moto_8 064

sky_moto_8 086

Here he comes up behind a lapped rider with a lap and a half to go.

sky_moto_8 098

And here he is passing her.

sky_moto_8 109 copy

Skylar slowed down at the finish and Tailor Sainsbury almost beat him as he was crossing the line.

sky_moto_8 209

In Moto 2 Skylar jumped out to a good lead again. In the background is Conor Swider, the eventual winner of the night overall.

sky_moto_8 254

sky_moto_8 267

sky_moto_8 301 copy

Sky had a big lead but crashed on the 2nd lap doing a double jump. Several riders passed him while he remounted. He was uninjured, although he bit his tongue.

sky_moto_8 354

sky_moto_8 355

Here he is passing another competitor.

sky_moto_8 370

Skylar finished in fourth place overall for the night. Congratulations for some awesome riding.


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