Motocross Pictures

Here are some pictures from Friday night’s races. Skylar finished 2nd overall for the night.

mx8_14 012 a

You’ll notice that all the pictures are of #15, Skylar Petersen, age 13. He’s my grandson.

mx8_14 049 a

This is Skylar’s first year of competing in motocross racing.

mx8_14 051 a

He competes in the 85cc Beginners Class at Plaza Cycle Motocross Park, Rocky Mountain Raceways in West Valley, Utah.

mx8_14 064 a

He’s currently in first place in the point standings for the season in his class.

mx8_14 065 a

Next year he’ll compete in the 85cc 12 to 15 year olds class.

mx8_14 104 a

He has led in the point standings since the first race of the season.

mx8_14 111 a

As the season enters the home stretch, the points race is starting to tighten up.

mx8_14 112 a

The riders who have raced in most of the races have gained a lot of experience, and are no longer really “beginners.”

mx8_14 150 a

At the end of the year a nice trophy will be awarded to the rider with the most points, and Skylar wants that trophy.

mx8_14 152 a

If he can keep riding clean races and stay out of trouble, I like his chances.

mx8_14 154 a

So does he.

mx8_14 194 a

Here he is crossing the finish line in 2nd place. He finished 3rd in the first race and the combined result is 2nd place overall for the night. This performance keeps him in first place in the point standings in his class for the season.


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