Utah isn’t Vermont, but…

Now, I realize that Utah is not Vermont, and we aren’t known nationally for our fall colors. But in Utah’s Wasatch Range, among the pine, juniper, scrub oak and quakies is scattered a generous heapin’ helpin’ of a lovely variety of hardy mountain maples that blaze with the autumnal equinox into a riot of splendid color for an all too brief season, before the rains and winds of autumn and the snows of winter strip the leaves from the trees and fling them to the ground. Seeing a winter storm warning on the news yesterday morning, I hurried up a nearby canyon and got a few shots of the spectacular fall show.

w payson cyn 9-29-09 034

Most of these photographs were taken on Maple Bench Road in Payson Canyon. I parked the Cherokee near this towering maple, got out and took this shot…

w payson cyn 9-29-09 042

…then turned around and pointed my lens up the road for this shot.

w payson cyn 9-29-09 074

This backlit roadside maple was brilliantly contrasted with the dark green scrub oak in the background.

w payson cyn 9-29-09 102

With these red leaves blazing brilliantly against the clear September sky, it was hard to believe that a winter storm was already on the way.

w payson cyn 9-29-09 106

This hardy maple spreads it’s shady branches…

w payson cyn 9-29-09 116

…over this tiny maple baby, which will have to make do with a tiny patch of sunlight.

w payson cyn 9-29-09 173

Here a young maple shares a patch of sunlight with it’s taller quakie neighbor.

This last photo was taken from Pete Winward Reservoir road, which I had never been on before.


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