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The heart of a champion.

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w Lunar Sky 1

He did it! Skylar Petersen, my 13 year old grandson, finished the season as series champion in the 85cc Beginners Class at Rocky Mountain Raceways for 2009. Wah-hoo! I think this picture illustrates how we all feel about it.

Just in case anyone doubts this boy doesn’t have the heart of a champion, take a look at this next picture.

w sky face ow copy

This is how he looked after the ER had cleaned him up following a bicycle accident.¬†Four or five days after this picture was taken, he geared up and rode in two motos, for points. His mother made him promise that he’d not take any chances, that he wouldn’t take any jumps, that his wheels would never leave the ground. Can you imagine pulling a helmet on over that face? I can’t. I don’t think I could have done it. He must have wanted it pretty bad.

roller blade accident copy

Then, with only a few week left before the final event, Skylar had an accident while roller blading and broke his arm. I teased him when I saw this picture and asked him if they had given him morphine. He got the cast off on Wednesday, Oct. 14th, and then raced in the final event on Saturday and Sunday, the 17th and 18th.

Skylar rode in every race. It didn’t matter if he had a broken face or a freshly healed broken arm, he showed up and rode. He didn’t win every race, in fact he finished one in dead last. But he didn’t ever quit. If he fell down, he got back up, got back on his bike and went back to racing.

The only other boy that had a chance to beat him had to finish the last race in first place and Skylar had to finish lower than 3rd place in order for the other boy to win the championship. Skylar finished the last race in 4th place. The other boy finished in 3rd place. Skylar won the championship with 5 points to spare.

Congratulations, Skylar, for an awesome season.