On Achieving Room Temperature

In 2001 President George W. Bush vowed to hunt down Osama bin Ladin and bring him to justice, no matter how long and no matter what it took. As I remember, the Wild West theme “Wanted, Dead or Alive” was a prominent headline in the media. For years afterwards libtards whined relentlessly about our President and his “Cowboy diplomacy.” Prominent among the whiners: one Barack Hussein Obama. In 2008 Obama campaigned incessantly about how he would close the detention center at Gitmo, end the war in Iraq, and transform our nation into a place where peace could find a home and the world would love us once again. But the dictates of reality force President Obama to keep Gitmo open and to adopt many of his predecessor’s policies in regard to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. When the mission to take down bin Ladin was launched, they were not ordered to capture him if they could. They wanted him dead, period.

When Obama received his party’s nomination for the presidency, his wife said for the first time in her adult life she was proud to be an American. When I listened to President Obama’s announcement last night, I thought to myself “Wow, for the first time in my adult life, I’m pround of President Obama.” I know I’m not the first to say it, but that’s what I thought.

Also, among the many comments I’ve seen on various blogs celebrating OBL’s demise, this: “There’s nothing as peaceful as a dead troublemaker.” As they say, Heh.


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