Hi-Point 9mm Carbine Magazine

How to disassemble the Hi-Point 9mm Carbine (995TS) Magazine.

You’ll need a tool, such as this cable sheath knife, or a thin flat screwdriver. Incidentally, I number my magazines to aid me in keeping track of any that give me trouble. 

First, insert the blade between the body of the magazine and the plastic magazine bottom.

Pry down and out.

Rock the blade forward to disengage the tab in the magazine bottom from the slot in the magazine body.

Tip the bottom off the magazine. Notice the retention slot on the magazine. There’s one on the other side, too.

Release the spring tension carefully. Note the orientation of all the components, since they will need to be reassembled in the same way.

It’s a very simple magazine, consisting of the body, follower, spring and bottom.

After cleaning and maintenance, reassemble, then replace the bottom by rocking it back into place.

Reassembly complete.



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