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Let’s not forget the reason for the season…

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Merry Christmas to all.


Time for action

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If Kassandra Perkins had a gun…

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There’s nothing in the gun culture that condones murdering your wife or girlfriend. Jovan Belcher was responsible for his actions, not the gun, and not the “gun culture.” Rather, it’s the culture of idol worship afforded celebrity athletes who are repeatedly excused for thuggish behavior by apologists like Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock. Bob Owens said it better than I.

“It’s quite frankly idiotic to think that a NFL linebacker couldn’t have simply beaten or stabbed his wife to death—hello, O.J. Simpson—if a firearm wasn’t around, nor does an inanimate object have the power to cloud our judgement as both Whitlock and Costas assert.”

“Far more corrosive and to blame for the epidemic of athlete violence than the firearms tens of millions of Americans don’t use for violence every day is the permissive culture that allows violent athletes second, third and fourth chances because of their celebrity status. The number one contributor to that culture of excessive tolerance: sports writers. Even yesterday, Costas and Whitlock excused the murder committed by Belcher by blaming it on the gun.”

If you’re interested, go to the link and read the whole thing.

There’s also another column written by Gayle Trotter in the Daily Caller which points out some other factors that clearly played a role in this tragedy.

Imagine that the real reasons for this crime were conclusively shown to involve a complex interplay of factors including drug and alcohol abuse, domestic abuse, sexual competition and a lack of a healthy marriage relationship. In that case, is there any doubt that liberal elites would suddenly lose interest in the admissibility of causation? “Move along, folks, nothing to see here.”

Unarmed, Kasandra Perkins had no chance against Jovan Belcher’s homicidal fury. Sadly, liberal pundits lash out against the Second Amendment rather than seeking to address the problems that truly caused Perkins’ heartbreaking death.

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