Weasel Words

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“Here’s what I’ll say: If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal. We’re going to fix it. All of it,” said President Obama to Jon Stewart of the Daily Show.



Obama: “You know, I actually believe my own bull$#!t.”

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No, really, he actually said it.


And the First Presidential Debate Goes to…

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…that’s right, Romney, who completely rode roughshod over the president and his designated protector, Jim Lehrer. I must say, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer…uh, empty chair.

The Choice is Clear…

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This sign was posted in a yard in Glenview, IL.


Romney States Views On Gun Rights

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Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney sat down with the Daily Caller‘s Chris W. Cox in a one-on-one interview. Governor Romney stated that he agrees with the Supreme Court that the Second Amendment guarantees citizens’ individual rights to own and use firearms for all lawful purposes, including self-defense.

“Cox: Would you support legislation to provide national reciprocity for Right-to-Carry permit holders so that they can protect themselves when they’re traveling outside their home states?

Gov. Romney: Absolutely. Fundamental rights don’t disappear when we cross state borders, and self-defense is a fundamental right.

Cox: Would you support the reimposition of a federal ban on semi-automatic firearms incorrectly called “assault weapons?”

Gov. Romney: No. I do not support any additional laws to restrict the right to keep and bear arms.”

I know Mitt has a reputation for being a flip-flopper on many issues, and some are worried that he’s only saying this kind of thing to get himself elected. But the alternative is to re-elect a Marxist. And remember, Bill Clinton won the Presidency in ’92 with 43% of the vote because people like me voted our conscience and pulled the lever for a third party candidate (Ross Perot). That was a mistake, and I’ll never do it again.

If you’re interested in reading the whole interview, click here.

I laughed til I cried

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From the Creative Minority Report:

NRA VP says Obama Will Outlaw Guns in Second Term

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Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association, spoke recently at CPAC, and warned that a second term for Barack Obama could have disastrous effects for the Second Amendment and gun owners in America. His low-key approach in the first term, in which he gave lip service to gun owners and gun rights, was just a subtle tactic to lull voters to sleep on the issue. Once he is safely ensconced in the White House and doesn’t need to worry about reelection, he can push his “transformative” agenda as hard a he sees fit. Also, he may have the opportunity to appoint two or three more liberal justices to the Supreme Court, and it’s only a matter of time before the Second Amendment is reinterpreted to mean anything but the people’s right to own firearms and keep them in their own homes.

Follow the link below to read the report in The Washington Times: